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Kevin Farhan Fahreza (Happy Moment in Korea Periode 2)

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Good evening guys! Still remember about my #koreaandyou post last time about budget travelling? Yey! This is the second part. Now i would like to share a lil about budget travel to south korea.
- Visa, there is no minimum account balance on your bank account. But make sure you can guarantee for your trip. /shopping is a must lah ya hahahaahaha
- Making friends! Yohoooo its a must. Before planning to visit korea. You should making friends with natives at least 5 person. Mereka akan ajak kamu buat nginep, jalan jalan, or coffee break lah.
- List what you gonna do, time, place and the price is a must.
- If they cant host you. Kamu siapkan list hotel mana yang sekiranya cukup untuk kamu. Banyak kok hostel yg semalamnya Rp. 100.000
- Ada yang namanya jjimjilbang. You can stay there. Jjimjilbang itu sejenis spa dan pemandian air panas. Kalian juga bisa nginep disana. You can get free flat and uniform woooowwwwwww#lebay #koreaandyou2​




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